We are a group of individuals who care about building businesses and bringing unique technologies and services to customers in the US and China.  We look for opportunities to roll-up our sleeves and get to work.



Our Approach

Blue Boar Capital's experience and knowledge form the basis of our investment model.  We look for opportunities focusing on SAAS business models, AI oriented companies, opportunities to transfer business concepts between the US and Chinese markets as well as bespoke investment opportunities



Meet the Team

Blue Boar Capital was founded by three brothers who started their business careers in the heartland of America before expanding their careers to New York, Chicago, Denver, Shanghai and San Francisco.

With a foundation in hard work and robust debate, Blue Boar has gradually expanded its interests from real estate to investing in bespoke opportunities where the firm can leverage its expertise and networks.


Seasoned executive and investor with over 8 years’ experience in mergers & acquisitions, corporate finance, strategy creation, operational improvements and business development.


Shanghai-based manager with 6+ years' experience working within the U.S. - China business relationship, focusing on operations, solution design, and project management.


Capital Markets Professional with over 11 years' experience, specializing in corporate and municipal bond markets and overall fixed income portfolio management.

Next Steps...

To discuss ideas, request introductions or solicit investment opportunities, please contact us!